about me


i’m a scottish poet/writer living in austrlia.  love: noodles, words, pineapple tarts, patsy cline.  dislike: traditional punctuation black ankle socks unshaved armpits.  some of my poems have been published in these magnificent literary mags … 

‘duty free fags’ (The Poets’ Republic)

‘if you write poetry but do not like conversation’ (Gutter Magazine)

‘the time it takes to boil an egg’ (Northwords Now)  

‘i didn’t think i would die like this’ (The American Journal of Poetry)

‘for a while the darkness was all we could stand’ ( The American Journal of Poetry)

‘there is no sound when it snows’ (The RedRoom Company)

‘ode to an ovary’ (Beautiful Losers Magazine)

‘eventually you will turn fifty’ (Beautiful Losers Magazine)

‘if you came tapping at the window’ (forthcoming in The Moth Magazine – Spring 2018)

‘the cumquats of christmas past’ (Ink Sweat & Tears).  This poem was also voted ‘Pick of the Month December 2017’ at Ink Sweat & Tears


i’m currently working on my 2nd poetry collection, ‘the lactic acid in the calves of your despair’ and am half way through my second memoir, ‘andy’s snack van tour of scotland,’ about travelling around scotland with my brother, who is nothing short of insane.